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... ... tianhai 04/04/2004
visit my new blog... tianhai 03/18/2004
floating wood... tianhai 03/17/2004
definition of love... tianhai 03/16/2004
pho... wat is life all about? tianhai 03/15/2004
i am a loser.. tianhai 03/13/2004
god... please help me! tianhai 03/12/2004
think.. if ending is always the same.. why bother to tink... tianhai 03/11/2004
ai yi ge ren hao nan... tianhai 03/09/2004
the journey tianhai 03/08/2004
love is a strange thing... tianhai 03/07/2004
one last cry.. tianhai 02/24/2004
finally i found out, wat kind of life i realli wan.. tianhai 02/17/2004
let me die tianhai 01/31/2004
competition ended.. i lost to a baka! tianhai 01/29/2004
when dreams are shattered and u found out ur life is like shit... tianhai 01/02/2004
1 time after another... why can't i learn? tianhai 11/26/2003
exams over tianhai 11/17/2003
Busy.. Exams!! Tired... Unprepared!! tianhai 10/19/2003
very long nv write loh tianhai 10/08/2003
hate to be alone... but scare of being in the crowd... tianhai 09/18/2003
i can do it! tianhai 09/13/2003
Chun Zhen tianhai 09/11/2003
understand tianhai 09/11/2003
medium pimple is hard to use!! tianhai 09/08/2003
lonely me... tianhai 09/02/2003
lonely me... tianhai 09/02/2003
so happi todae!!! tianhai 09/01/2003
just changed my rubber to medium pimples! tianhai 08/31/2003
lunar silver star story tianhai 08/25/2003
life is a cycle... tianhai 08/11/2003
nv awake.. tianhai 08/10/2003
things getting tougher.. tianhai 08/07/2003
life have been ok so far... tianhai 08/04/2003
oh shit! tutorials dunnoe how to do! tianhai 07/28/2003
Busy, busy busy tianhai 07/26/2003
quite boring first day in ntu. tianhai 07/21/2003
hall 6 is the best! tianhai 07/18/2003
why still no improvement... why?? tianhai 07/13/2003
blue sky... green sea.... tianhai 07/11/2003
sch starting loh! tianhai 07/09/2003
finally got hougang open champion tianhai 07/06/2003
:~~ tianhai 07/04/2003
just helped someone get someone's email address... tianhai 07/04/2003
umpiring at cchsm tianhai 07/04/2003
hougang open semi finals! tianhai 07/02/2003
Money input week! tianhai 07/02/2003
haiz... tianhai 06/29/2003
Went Suntec again tianhai 06/29/2003
a day at cchsm tianhai 06/28/2003
todae's a boring day again.. tianhai 06/27/2003
new day ahead... tianhai 06/26/2003
lazy day.. tianhai 06/26/2003
wat is life without love? tianhai 06/24/2003
normal day tianhai 06/24/2003
late nite... tianhai 06/23/2003
mini table quite fun xia tianhai 06/21/2003
xian xian xian!!! tianhai 06/20/2003
i looked darker or not? tianhai 06/19/2003
An Average day tianhai 06/18/2003
Tired xia. tianhai 06/17/2003
rainy day tianhai 06/16/2003
ORD loh!!! tianhai 06/16/2003

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