the journey 

the journey

in my dream... i saw a boy crying by the side of the road..
he has lost the balloon he loved,
have u seen it?
can u please tell me?
the balloon has flew away, to the faraway mountains..
grandfather've tied it to the top of the roof..
waiting for father to find it together with me..

one day...
father is tired...
he fell into the deep valley of his own heart..
just like the balloon... can nv be found...

this is a journey...
a long endless journey called life..
we have met by chance... and then leave each other..
in this journey of no return...

we have past mountains...
we have past lakes..
we have past forests..
past the desert...
into pple's fortests and gardens...
passby happiness and sadness...
passby the warmth of a girl and her tears..
passby the endless coldness and loneliness of life...

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